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Team is always a fundamental requirement for an institution that strengthens the competitiveness and reliability. Further, it’s true that the company is distinct and top-rated because, certainly, it has a very responsive and hardworking team.
Considering the value of team, Himalayan Spirit Adventure has a team of passionate travelers and professional travel planners. Having owned a plethora of work experience in travel and tourism, the team always tries its best to cater the world-class trip itineraries and service to every individual client. Moreover, the entire team is ardent to explore new tourist destinations and offer it to the travelers.

Mister Adhikari (Milan) Founder & Managing Director

Born in a remote but popular tourist area of Dhading, Ganesh Himal Region, and Mister Adhikari (Milan), has successfully been running Himalayan Spirit Adventure as the Founder and Managing Director. Actually, Mr. Adhikari founded the company in 2008. He grew up in the lap of Ganesh Himal and did his basic schooling from one of the government schools of the same region and entered into Kathmandu. As he was born in the popular Ganesh Himal region, he used to see groups of tourists going there and enjoying the mountain views. Because of this, he wondered how he would be the founder of the travel company and organize the trekking and other adventure activities of the similar groups. So, when he came in Kathmandu, he began his career in tourism industry as a porter and, then, guide (Regd;No:- 531-057/58) (Guide Trained Jan 14th 2002 to Feb 25th 2002) (Hospitality industry since 2000), and with tremendous knowledge of organizing the various tourism activities, he started his own company.

Mr. Adhikari is, truly, a promoter of eco and sustainable tourism in Nepal. He believes that organizing tourism activities deteriorating the environment and ecology is a crime. He, further, opines that creating disturbance in the environment is inviting calamities in human existence. Actually, business is there, but, for him, the promotion of tourism in a sustainable way matters more. Yes, money is there, but, for him, intimacy and relation with people of different cultures and nationality matter more. Basically, these distinct perspectives have led him to the frontline of promoting eco and sustainable tourism of Nepal and have built up a strong personal bond among the foreign tourists. This is his strength. Further, he is committed to provide the unique trip itineraries to the clients with relentless hard work. Mr. Adhikari never compromises the quality of service he offers to the travelers so that every traveler gets absolutely delighted to work with him. He is an expert in designing the trip itinerary according to the passion and desire of the various visitors.

Mr. Adhikari has a good travel history. He has got a wide experience of trekking in almost all parts of Nepal including major tourist destinations like Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Dolpo region, Mustang region and other remote trekking regions of Nepal. Mr. Adhikari not only has limited him traveling within his country but also has got travel experience of abroad including Europe (Germany and Poland) and various Asians nations including Japan, Bhutan and India. As a whole, this travel history has also helped him to design more exciting holiday trips.

Mr. Adhikari is proficient in both spoken and written Nepali, English and Hindi.

Dhurba Adhikari (DB) (General Manager)

Dhurba Adhikari is a successful manager to Himalayan Spirit Adventure. He manages every minor affair of the company with an acute passion and dedication. Frankly speaking, there is no question about his management so far.
Dhurba Adhikari was born and brought up in Himalayan region of Nepal, Ganesh Himal region. He has been working for the Tourism industry of Nepal more than for the last 22 years since he was trained as a guide in 2001. (Regd, No: – 531-057/58) (Guide Trained March 19th 2001 to April 18th 2001) (Hospitality Industry Since 1998) and has been working as a co-partner, trekking guide and General Manager for Himalayan Spirit Adventure for the last 13 years. Previously, he worked for various trekking and travel companies and has been enlightened with tremendous trekking experience. He is also skillful in handling various trekking groups in the mountain with the right and reliable information, therefore, is loved by everyone.

Mr. Dhurba encountered a lot of hardships when he worked as a porter in the tourism industry in the very beginning. He borrowed the spare pairs of shoes while crossing the high passes in the mountains. After long years of hard work, he got trained as trekking guide by the government of Nepal and started to lead the groups to various regions of Nepal’s Himalayas. Primarily, he is passionate about taking trekking clients to Ganesh Himal region, his hometown, Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and Upper Dolpo region of Nepal. He’s got top rated experience of trekking into the core Himalayas of Nepal. In fact, he frequently loves to trek to the mountain with groups and explore the new trekking trails.

Mr Dhurba is well known about the altitude sickness and all required hospitality. He is always popular among the groups of travelers because of his warm hospitality and language proficiency. He is very literate in English, Nepali and Hindi.

Besides, he has visited the USA and Canada which allows him to share the more interesting ideas of travel with his clients who are visiting Nepal.

Narayan Adhikari (Marketing Business & Promotion)

As a porter, Mr. Narayan commenced his career in Nepal Tourism Industry from Himalayan Spirit Adventure and passed through various hurdles in his life to become a trekking guide. As he worked as a dedicated trekking guide for more than 9 years by leading the different groups of trekkers in the mountains, he was so competent and equipped with all required skills of how to explore and promote new tourism products in the domestic and international market. Soon, his brilliant skills and competencies were recognized by the company and promoted to Marketing and Business Officer. Now, he is working for Himalayan Spirit Adventure as Marketing and Business Officer.

Manoj Nepal

The founder of ‘Himalayan Spirit Adventure Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.’ that locates itself at Kwabahal-17, Thamel of Kathmandu, Mr. Manoj Nepal is not a new name for the tourism industry in Nepal as he has been contributing in this sector since quite a long period. Born in Fulkharka of Dhading district as the son of Mr. Bal Krishna Nepal in the year 1988, Mr. Manoj had a keen interest in socializing and stretching the boundary of friendship since his early childhood. He was fond of traveling and making new friends and did not hesitate to open up to strangers. These very characteristics motivated Mr. Manoj to join the promising Tourism industry.
Mr. Manoj has acquired experience of working as a trekking guide for six years in ‘Himalayan Spirit Adventure Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd.’ and thus has amiable relationships with many travels and tour companies in and outside Nepal which has made him a successful tourism entrepreneur. Furthermore, he is trained in hotel management, cook, ng and bakery.
Fluent in Nepali, English and Hindi language, he has led several successful treks in every trekking regions in Nepal while trekking in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Kanchenjunga have always remained his field of expertise. Over the years, he had successfully led many groups to the summit of popular mountains. His experience also includes climbing of peaks like Island Peak, Mera Peek, Lobuche Peak among many other peaks. Since trekking experience is brooded over several uncertainties like bad weather, avalanche and other natural decisions, ability to take quick decisions matter a lot and it is the thing that makes Mr. Manoj stand out amid several entrepreneurs offering trekking in Nepal.
Feel free to contact him 24hours a day and plan your itinerary from the expert hands of Mr. Manoj who will leave no stone unturned to make your trip a memorable one.
You can either make a call at 01- 4257997 or 01- 4258792 or leave your query at info@himalayanspiritadventure.com